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Bayt.com Affiliate Program

You are invited to partner with Bayt.com, the leading Middle Eastern marketplace for global professionals and regional companies. To date, Bayt.com hosts a community of more than 39,250,000 professionals and over 40,000 corporate clients. With Bayt.com's Affiliate Program, you can now provide job and career services to your visitors on your own Website!

Now you can be part of the excitement. Join the Bayt.com Affiliate Program today!

Why join?

It's free!
  • There are no charges or set-up fees to become a Bayt.com Affiliate.
Linking is easy.
  • Bayt.com will provide you with a variety of linking options to display on your site. The more referrals we get from your site, the more money you will make.
You will start earning revenue immediately.
  • Bayt.com will pay you a commission for each active job seeker or employer you refer to us. Once you join, Bayt.com will give you access to your account where you can view your traffic and earnings reports
You will provide a great service to your users.
  • No matter who your audience is, careers are important to everyone. Becoming a Bayt.com Affiliate will provide your users with a faster, easier, and more effective way to find a job in the Middle East and North Africa.
You will partner with an industry leader.
  • Bayt.com is rated the #1 jobs site in the region. We offer the most flexible and sophisticated recruitment solution in the Middle East and we assure you that Bayt.com is committed to the highest quality of customer service.

How much can you earn?

Our Affiliate Program is designed to maximize your earnings and your referrals to Bayt.com. As such, the more active users you refer to us, the more you will earn. Once you are approved for the Bayt.com Affiliate Program, you can set up links and start earning revenue right away.

For details, read the Affiliate Program FAQ.


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We have tried numerous affiliate programs to monetise our Qatar website, but Bayt.com has been by far the most successful. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who has a Middle East based website.

Philip Beech, Editor


To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to sell a product which people wants, if you are selling things which no one wants, then you won’t make any money. Best thing about bayt, it is the product whi...

Amin Nagpure


have used many International Associates Programs for almost 6 years now, and I have been using Bayt.com’s Associates Program for more than a year and a half. I can easily say that the treatment we get from Bayt...

Mohammed Abdel Tawab, Owner


I have been using Bayt.com for more than 3 months now after 4 years of resorting to many advertising programs and I can confidently say that the service Bayt.com has been providing us with to date exceeds that ...

Hamdi Shehata Owner of http://www.asdkaa.com


Since joining Bayt's associate program on 2007, we can say that the relationship has exceeded our expectations on every level. The responsiveness and friendliness of the associate managers has been always...

Bince Mandapam


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