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Advertising with Bayt.com

Advertising Options and Rates

We offer advertising opportunities through banners, sponsorship, email, SMS, and postal service. The standard cost calculation unit in online advertising is CPM, which is the cost per thousand banners served.

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Why Advertise Online?

  • A unique and unrivalled method of reaching your target audience in a very affordable, effective and engaging manner.
  • Unlike conventional media, online advertising is highly traceable and targeted.
  • Advertisers can very precisely monitor the performance of their advertisements.
  • Consumers who respond to online advertisements have the luxury of choosing the point in time at which they interact with the advertisement.
  • With a simple click of a button at their leisure consumers can better acquaint themselves with an advertised product.

Why Bayt.com?

Bayt.com is the Middle East's #1 job site with over 39,250,000 professionals and over 40,000 employers. The information we have on our registered users allows you to target your exact audience in the most accurate and measurable way and maximize the return on your investment.

Bayt.com has always protected the privacy of its users. That is why our users trust us with their most personal information. By advertising with Bayt.com you will reach your audience via a medium that they respect.

  • Bayt.com receives more than 47,812,000* page views per month generated by 6,189,000* unique visitors.
  • Bayt.com is the most awarded job site in the Middle East.
  • Bayt.com is the only Arabic-English bilingual job site in the Middle East.

*January 2016

Statistics and Targeting Options

You can target your audience by a rich array of different criteria:

Keywords Language Visa Status Time of Day Skills Website Section Institution Marital Status Country of Residence Employment Type Nationality Job title Industry Target Job Location Gender Employment Status Educational Level Employer Education Location Experience location Major Years of Experience Age Career Level Income Geographic Location (via IP address)

For more information

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